Forget Yarn Bombing—Poetry Bombing is Where It’s At!

Imagine browsing the racks of your favorite thrift store and finding the perfect dress. It fits like a dream and is super cheap—but wait! Is there a hidden poem on that tag?!

Seems like the kind of thing that only happens in movies or dreams, but Agustina Woodgate is making it a reality with the latest form of guerrilla arts activism. The Miami-based interdisciplinary artist has committed to spreading a little more art and beauty to unexpected places, and making poetry more accessible to all. She enters thrift stores armed with an impressive stack of papers with lines from various poets and pre-threaded needles, proceeding to covertly sew the tags in hopes of not getting caught.

As a part of the O, Miami poetry festival, Woodgate says, “Sewing poems in clothes is a way of bringing poetry to everyday life just by displacing it, by removing it from a paper to integrate it and fuse it with our lives.”

Watch the adorable video and get inspired:

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Source: Utne Reader

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