For the Love of Tim Burton

A few weeks ago, before Intern Anna left our presence here at BUST HQ, she had a status update on Facebook that left me stunned:

'edward skizrhands is probably the only good tim burton movie'

Whaaaaaaaaa? Anna and I had a discussion about it later and she corrected herself, saying that Big Fish was also another good Burton film. What about Batman? Beetle Juice? Frankenweenie? Pee-Wee's Big Adventure? Ed Wood? For a Tim Burton aficionado like myself, reading someone dissing a director whose style I find endlessly fascinating was a kick to my lady-parts. Anna, our little disagreement has left no hard feelings!

For those of us that do love anything-Burton, a retrospective of his work will be on display at MoMA starting November 22. Not only will his films be featured at the museum's theater, 500 items ranging from photographs, sketches, storyboards, and paintings dating all the way back from his days of being a student will be on hand for admirers to gush over. Do all of these pieces have something to do with a film he has created? Nope nope nope, which will certainly expose a side of Burton's creativity we have had little exposure to in the past. Consider me beyond excited for this MoMA event.

Photos of Burton's work courtesy of MoMA and NY Magazine. Photo of Burton courtesy of last.fm


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