For All Your Internet Needs: The Interactive Feminist Bingo Card

If you’ve ever read the comments on an article or blog post even slightly related to feminism, you’ve probably come across plenty of troll-y arguments.



 “Feminists hate men!”

“You just enjoy being offended.”

“You’re being silly and overemotional.”



Now, you can turn all your comment-induced rage into fun with the Interactive Feminist Bingo Card! The card places troll-y comments on a five-by-five bingo card. When you click on a comment square, you mark it with a female gender symbol. That way, you can keep track of the trolls. When you mark five squares in a row, you win a kitten video! (And advice on how to deal with trolls, but KITTENS!!!!)




Every time you reload the page, the bingo boxes rearrange themselves with new comments, so it’s a new game every time. Fun!




The Interactive Feminist Bingo Card was created by bloggers Elizabeth Yalkut and Betsy Haibel and was reposted on geekfeminism.org. You can find links to these awesome ladies’ various blogs, as well as their mission statement for the bingo card, here.



Alrighty, let’s play!  Everybody head over to Reddit on three.

Ooh, an IAmA with a "Men’s Rights Movement" “activist”?





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