Follow-Up: High Schooler whose Prom was Cancelled Wins Case, Gets Scholarship from Ellen

There's been a bit of good news for Constance McMillen amongst all the bad. A few weeks ago, we blogged about Constance's plight: she asked her school if she could wear a tux to prom and bring her girlfriend along. The school said no, and, after the media got a hold of the story, cancelled prom together. Constance got in touch with the ACLU and sued the school, saying her First Amendment rights were violated. A judge ruled this week that Constance's rights were indeed violated, but did not order the school to reinstate the prom. It's been revealed that a group of parents are holding a "ball" in place of the prom at a private venue. Constance has not been invited.

While the results weren't as positive as they could have been, Constance's appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show gave her something to smile about: Ellen gave her a $30,000 scholarship provided by tonic.com (who also offered Constance a summer internship at their NYC offices) and Ellen renewed the scholarship for three more years.



No matter the final outcome of Constance's fight for her prom, it seems she's got a great future ahead of her.




Image of Constance McMillen courtesy the Associated Press via Yahoo.com


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