Flaming Lips Release New Musical Experiment


The latest release from The Flaming Lips since last year is available now! The new composition is a digital streaming “single” entitled “Two Blobs F**king”. The single is actually a set of multiple tracks that, when combined with their musical counterparts, will equate to the first-ever musical experience of its kind. “Two Blobs F**king” will stream along with videos as 12 individual tracks, ultimately creating one complete song. The Flaming Lips are not new to musical experiments, and this time, they have created a new mobile experiment that is supposed to be experienced and enjoyed in the most socially interactive way possible. “Two Blobs F**king” was made specifically for i-Phone type devices, the more devices being used, the more harmonic possibilities can be constructed. The Flaming Lips yet again invite us to re-imagine the ways in which we interact with music. To watch instructional videos on how to enjoy this musical creation go here.

Along with this new musical creation, The Flaming Lips are also releasing a five-vinyl box set of the band’s records from 1992-2002. It’s called “Heady Nuggs” and will be released on Record Store Day, April 16th.  In early March, The Flaming Lips will also be heading out on tour. The band claims they have more surprises coming up in the next few months, so stay tuned. For tour info and more, go here.

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