Finally: The Rally to Restore Sanity

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time in the last six months talking about the Tea Party. It’s involved a lot of “wait, they did what now? And they didn’t think it was offensive?” and “man, I just really hate those guys.” But now, finally, there is something of a counter: The Daily Show’s “Rally to Restore Sanity.” Doesn’t the name just give you the warm-and-fuzzies?


From their website: “we'd like you to join us in Washington, DC on October 30 -- a date of no significance whatsoever -- at the Daily Show's 'Rally to Restore Sanity.' Ours is a rally for the people who've been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs) -- not so much the Silent Majority as the Busy Majority. If we had to sum up the political view of our participants in a single sentence... we couldn't. That's sort of the point.”


Regardless of whether or not this is actually some kind of a joke (judging by the fact that Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report are holding a “March to Keep Fear Alive” at the same time and the same place) it’s exciting to me that someone is actually trying to show the opposition to the Tea Party in a concrete way. Maybe if more people show up to this rally than did the Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck farce, solely in the name of sanity in politics, the Tea Party will reconsider their approach. Though that’s probably just me being an idealist.


Rally to Restore Sanity


Image via The Daily Show

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