Fetch Combines Stylish Eyewear With Animal Rights Activism—What's Not to Love?

Looking for eyewear that's both stylish and philanthropic? Check out Fetch Eyewear, the Portland-based, independent company that is dedicated to providing fashionable, affordable eyewear that supports an awesome cause. Not only will you flip for Fetch’s adorable shades and frames, you’re sure to dig their mission: funding animal rescue and animal rights activism in Portland. 

Founded in 2004 by Ann Sacks, Fetch is dedicated to working with independent optical shops—sourcing high-quality materials directly from manufacturers and suppliers while keeping costs low. And as if that weren’t admirable enough, Fetch also donates 100 percent of its profits to animal rescue and adoption.

Fetch, and other independent companies of its ilk, are redefining contemporary business practices for the better. Peruse their catalogue of frames, reading glasses, and sunglasses, and rest assured that all proceeds go to a very worthy cause! Here are some of our favorite designs, though you're sure to find many more on Fetch’s own site

Photos via FetchEyewear.com

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