Felicity Aston Enjoys Well-Deserved Chocolate After Antarctic Trek

I just walked to Qdoba in the rain. Felicity Aston just skied across Antarctica alone. 

Aston, a 33 year-old British explorer, is the first person to make a solo ski trip across the icy continent; her journey began 59 days-- and over 1,000 miles-- ago.  She documented the trip on Twitter and her blog, and just reading her Tweets takes my breath away and makes me want to put another pair of socks on. She mentions sewing in extreme temperatures, crying almost every day, and wanting a bottle of wine upon her return; 2/3 of those things are things I can relate to, and the other one just makes her all the more inspiring. 

After all, this latest adventure comes after Aston, according to her website, "raced in the Canadian Arctic, led a team of women across the inland ice of Greenland, led a record-making international team to the South Pole, searched for meteorite craters in Quebec, skied along a frozen river in Siberia, traversed the winter ice of Lake Baikal, completed the infamous Marathon Des Sables across the Moroccan Sahara and spent three years living and working in the Antarctic."

This is a really good burrito, though.

CNN: Woman first to ski alone across Antarctica

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