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textsfromlastnightThe ease of clicking 'forward' to send all your friends those embarrassing, sexually explicit drunk texts you got last night from that one guy can now be shared with everyone else, via textsfromlastnight.com, a blogsite containing just that.

Texts such as 'glad my latex allergy prevents me from being a one-night stand whore,' 'I might be drunk enough to make out with you. You don't want to miss this unique opportunity,' and 'Put your party hat on. And by party hat, I mean no panties,' to name a few, are shared throughout the site, which just get either more explicit or more strange.

(photo via flickr)

All in all, us 'terns have been ROTFL, gasping 'OMG, WTF?' and other texty-shortcuts, seriously laughing so hard to the point of tears. Yup, research at BUST is great! Posts are anonymous, only including the area code of the text origin and reply, if there is one. There's also a flickr photo pool linked to the site. It's a fun site--good for shits-and-giggles. But beware: a person on the receiving end of your drunk text can easily post one of yours, too! --Regina

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