Fearless FeWhales

When I was in second grade, I was OBSESSED with whales. Not kidding. I drew whales, I watched TV shows about whales, I listened to whale noises on CD (ever wonder who bought those 'Song of the Humpback' albums? Yeah, that was me). And why? Duh: because on top of being the most amazing, intelligent, gorgeous animals ever, their lifeguarding skills are top notch! According to The Sun , a beluga whale (yes, like the Raffi song) literally saved a woman incapacitated and drowning during an aquarium diving contest in China. Now, 1) I have no idea what would motivate someone to submerge themselves in dangerous arctic temperatures, and 2) I'm never thrilled about animals in captivity. Still, I hope these instances of animal kindness to humans will inspire more human kindness towards animals (especially whales 'cause they're just so darn cute!).

Read the warm and fuzzy (or . . . cold and squishy?) article here!

Or, get 'Baby Beluga' stuck in your head like I did . . .

~Anna C

photo courtesy of The Sun.com

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