F*CK Art at the Museum of Sex


If you're in the NYC area this Wednesday night, be sure to check out F*CK Art: A Street Art Occupation. 

Hosted by the Museum of Sex and sponsored by our very own Callie Watts' mag Candy Rain, F*CK Art is a collection of works by 20 street artists who are continuously pushing the boundaries of sexuality and public space. The show is curated by Emilie Baltz and Mark Snyder, and participating artists include Wonderpuss Octopus, DROID, Miss Van, Andrew Shirley, William Thomas Porter, and Cassius Fouler, among many others.

Probing dialogue concerning our society's relationship to public sexuality, the event questions what power a provocative visual stimulus has when placed in an urban environment and the different dynamics that may arise as a result. A comment on sexual identity, as a species, culture, and individual, the show will definitely leave an impression and rev your engines.

F*CK Art puts it all out there - there will be re-imagined and resurfaced sex toys, an Oral Fix Bar, a huge 14 foot FUCK BIKE right in the lobby, and even an interactive ice cream cart. Art, sex & ice cream?! Sounds dreamy.

The show's opening night is February 8th, from 7-11pm at the Museum of Sex, 233 5th Ave @27th Street.


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