Fantastic Voyage

Here's art that moved, and will move you: Last May, Brooklyn-based artist Swoon brought art to the sea by designing three handcrafted ships. Even more impressive, the vessels are made purely from recycled trash and materials.

This past summer Swoon and a crew of more than 30 artists navigated their fleet from Slovenia to Venice, Italy, to invade the acclaimed art exhibition the Venice Biennale. The result was an imaginative, artistic endeavor - a dreamy, “drifting metropolis,” - that's now documented in the upcoming art exhibition “Pankabestia: Punk Beasts of the Swimming Cities of Serenissima.”

Come check out large-scale wall drawings, original boat installations, portions of the ships, and found objects acquired from sea. Also featured are performers Gatto Morto, Adina Kennedy and Adina Bier, photographs by artist Tod Seelie, and original artwork from Swoon, Monica Canilao, Spy Emerson, and more.

The exhibition opens this Friday, November 20 at the Anonymous Gallery at 169 Bowery in New York City. Reception is from 6 - 9pm. But you’ll have until January 20 to get on this boat.

Photo courtesy of Flickr - Swimming Cities.

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