Fake Twitter Pulls Purrfect Prank on Cat Fancy Magazine

So this claims to be the official twitter feed of Cat Fancy Magazine. It takes about .03 seconds to realize this is a hilarious prank. Some intern at Cat Fancy is probably saying, "I told you we needed a twitter."

 Here are screenshots of some of my faves. But seriously, it's all pitch purrfect!


This might even trump the cat who ran onto the field during Liverpool vs. Tottenham, my favorite cat-related internet story of the week.

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 An intrepid journalist at Yahoo News contacted Susan Logan, editor in chief of Cat Fancy Magazine, for a comment on Cat Fancy's unofficial official twitter. Logan had not been aware of the parody and, while admitting she recognized the humor in the situation, stated she would not condone the hijacking of her trademark.  She also has Purrs as her email signature. 

 I guess we should enjoy it before it gets shut down. Will the brilliant minds behind this twitter please make their own magazine?

Image source Worldtenz.net

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