Eyelash-batting tweens

An NPD Group market research survey reports an increase in tween (8-12) girls' regular use of mascara, eye liner, and lipstick compared to 2007, while overall use of beauty products by teens (13-17) and young women (18-24) is declining. In the past two years mascara use among tweens has almost doubled, from 10% to 18%, as well as eye liner, from 9% to 15%. 

Notably, the study defined "regular usage" as at least once a month, which isn't very often. So luckily swarms of 10-yr-old girls probably aren't loading on the makeup daily. But aren't all those cover girl ads still at work? NPD actually found that it "appears to have less to do with diminished self-esteem and a larger societal issue and more to do with mom and the family." More than TV they  look to parents and siblings to decide what to buy and use.  Vice President Karen Grant points out our "opportunity and responsibility to ensure that these girls, and their parents, are educated on the role of beauty in the most responsible way possible." Tru dat. But how?


Check out the article at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/npd-group/tween-beauty_usage/prweb3942504.htm


Source: NPD Group on PR Web

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