So-Cal garage rockers the Willowz deploy classic blues-rock riffs, swaggering vocals, and freewheeling guitar melodies in a way that ignites a touch of nostalgia for the rock ‘n’ roll glory days, whenever those were.

The band’s latest release, Everyone, barrels through 30 minutes of pure and simple American rock. The album’s namesake track is a clear standout. With its fun-times cadence and fist-pumping sing-along chorus of “Woooah, yeah, here they come,” it begs to be featured in a teen movie—during the scene that depicts the party getting started, obviously. Other tracks would be right at home on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack, channeling ’70s guitar gods with crunchy riffs and high-pitched wailing. Which is all to say that despite their grimy L.A. image, the Willowz straddle the line between clean-cut Kings of Leon–style frat rock and loud, grungy garage revival. They’ve funneled the sweaty energy of the Dirtbombs into an accessible, feel-good LP.

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