Every Freaking! Day!

If you're like me, you woke up one day to find that Rachael Ray had taken over the world. Suddenly, she had a magazine, a gazillion TV shows, and she was in every ad known to woman. I never cook (I used to pretend it was some sort of feminist statement, but I've recently faced up to the fact that I'm just lazy) and so I almost never watch the Food Network. I just figured I'd missed out on something fabulous that the rest of the world seemed to have caught on to. I mean, she's even been accused of being a terrorist!

Anyway, someone else seems to be as mystified at Rachael Ray's success as I am, and she's made a whole book about it. Every Freaking! Day With Rachell Ray is a parody of Rachael Ray's magazine, full of faux recipes and riffs on Rachael-isms. It's even got a page with the official Rachell Ray drinking game, which instructs you to drink two sips every time Ray talks to the food, and to drain the glass each time she invents a word. It nails the perkiness and spoofs the ever-present branding of completely useless products.

You can pre-order your faux fix at Amazon.com now.

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