Etsy's Push to Hire Female Engineers

Engineering is a male dominated profession. Etsy is a website where you can get a personalized monogram necklace or a boob pillow. Now Etsy is making these two worlds collide by making a concerted effort to hire more female engineers in order to reflect its 67% female demographic. According to The Atlantic Wire, the popular retail site was dismayed to find that, despite its emphasis on hiring more women, there were only four women on their staff of eighty-five. But instead of simply waiting for female engineers to apply, Etsy went out and found them—“Etsy decided to put some real muscle behind its priority, developing a package of grants that would be targeted at women participants in its Hacker School, a program for young engineers.” After offering grants to young women to participate in the three-month program, female attendance jumped from one woman to twenty-three. Etsy then hired five of those women. It’s great to see a company we love promoting female engineers and using their hard-earned cash to actually make a difference. 

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