Esquire, cmon now... really.


Everyone knows that Esquire is all about sexy girls wearing sexy underwear and looking all sexual so the boys can feel that they have a chance in this life, but as I was flipping thru the latest 'Sexiest Woman Alive' issue the other day, I had to do a double take. They have a page dedicated to The Women of Flight of the Conchords, with a picture of Jemaine's love interest squishing her boobs together, along with a tiny picture of Coco and some other waitress that I barely remember. But no Mel. Now I know that Mel (Kristen Schall) isn't exactly model like, but she is a major character on the show, and she is also damn cute in real life and hilariously witty and fun. I happen to know of a few dudes who are bona fide fans (or shall I say boner fide) and have real crushes on her. Anyway, I don't expect much from Esquire, but this seems like a glaring omission. To read more about Kristen, check out our interview and adorable pics of her in the current issue of BUST. Photo above right by Danielle St.Laurent

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