Emily Jane White Releases Second Album

Holy crap. If you have not heard up and coming, indie songwriter Emily Jane White yet you need to head to her website and check her out. Now. If you’re a sucker for female voices like Jolie Holland, Edith Piaf, Cat Power, Hope Sandoval or Shannon Wright you will love Emily Jane White.

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Almost three years ago I was heading to the San Fran International Airport just lolly-gagging through Potrero Hill when I simply bumped right into Emily Jane White and her lovely band playing a street festival for the arts. Not having much time, I listened to the rest of her set, bought her first album Dark Undercoat and dutifully listened to it on repeat for the next three years. After years of scrutinizing the internets for clips of unreleased tracks, Emily Jane White has finally released her second album Victorian America and I couldn’t be  more happy.


 Emily Jane White’s music falls under the category of dark, bluesy folk rock. Her voice is heavy and sweet, accompanied by the melodic presence of her five-piece band including cellist Jen Grady who White sometimes plays solely with. Emily herself also plays guitar and piano.  Originally starting out in California, they have made quite a name for themselves over in Europe, where they are scheduled to tour until November.

You can purchase Emily Jane White's new album Victorian America on Amazon.com or directly from her website.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this video


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