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I have a mid-week treat for all you crafters out there. Do you like owls? Do you like embroidery? Then you will like this owl embroidery and here is how to make your very own. I first created this craft for my girls at Studio Sweet Studio. If you haven't seen this blog, check it out now. It's addictive! Also, if you like this little guy you can see more of my designs at www.grovius.etsy.com.



Linen or muslin 

7" embroidery hoop

Four different colors of embroidery floss 

     (I used dark brown, tan, navy, and cobalt blue)

A printout of the template



Print out the template which you can download here. Print at 100% on regular computer paper. You can enlarge or shrink the design to fit your desired hoop size, but this template was created for a 7" hoop. Now prep your hoop by stretching your material onto the frame (I used muslin) and tighten it in place. Then take the template and lightly trace it onto the center of the fabric (you might need a light table or sunny window depending on how thick the fabric is). Once you have an outline of the design on the fabric you can begin to embroider. I used a backstitch for most of the design and then a running stitch for the eyebrows and a french knot for the breast detail. To fill in the beak and eyes I used a satin stitch. 


Make one or make a whole flock, just don't forget to put a bird on it!



Erin Wengrovius


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