Elizabeth and The Catapult Take Over Summer

The debut album from Elizabeth and the Catapult is well worth a listen: laid-back harmonies accompany their adorable aesthetic. Just take a peek at the video for the title track 'Taller Children'. The songs are complex and appealing and their upbeat, flirtatious sound belies the cleverness and depth of the lyrics.

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One of my favorites is the snappy, infectious, 'Momma's Boy': 'If you want a girl to be your mother/Go find another, go find another one.' Right on, Elizabeth! I also can't get enough of 'The Hang Up,' a perfect confection of a summer break-up song. 'Out with the girls on First Avenue/Drinking away our imaginary blues/I'd rather be anywhere, anyway, than to give up another day/Putting up with you.' Check out their website for shows, news, and more. -Devan

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