girlschoolEvery time I go on a VH-1 Classic kick (i.e. every weekend), I come away with some new obsession that annoys the crap out of my friends--like the time I meowed (yes, meowed) Dio's Holy Diver for three straight days. This weekend, thanks to a Metal Mania marathon and new music project that kept me shuttered away with my bandmates, I re-discovered Girlschool, a group of old-school metal chicks best known for their association with fellow Brits Motorhead. These girls were so awesome, I can hardly stand it. Sure, they're sometimes a little cheesy (their ZZ Top cover is a bit much), but Girlschool were still total pioneers in the waaaaay male-dominated metal scene...even if they sometimes felt more rock than metal.

Sadly, bad-ass guitarist/singer Kelly Johnson passed away two years ago after a long battle with spinal cancer, but Girlschool are apparently still touring. Click behind the cut for an amazing video from their 1981 St. Valentine's Day Massacre collab EP with Motorhead. (They're billed here as Headgirl.) Even my easily annoyed bandmates can't get enough of this.

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