Eagle and Talon! New Record!

My favorite girlie-punk twins, Eagle and Talon, release In Manila on February 22nd.   

After my ipod favorite, Thracian, the girls are back. AND joined by Mr. Reggie Watts. There's the same alt sweetness - a somehow optimistic and eerie style that keeps you dancing in your underpants.  This is what we expect from Eagle and Talon.  In Manila brings new riffs and crazy melodies - it's fresh and delicious.

Go to their Kickstarter. For 5 bucks you can download their new EP In Manila. For 10 bucks you get an autographed CD mailed to you (no extra for shipping). 


If you're an Eagle and Talon fan, prove it.  Support these badass DIY ladies. It's the only way we can get them to New York (or whatever city you are in). 

If you don't know who they are - check them out (watch them on this recent episode of 90210). 





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