DVF Sample Sale

To all NYC fashionista BUST-ies:
DVF, at 260 Fifth Avenue, is having a sample sale. Though I sometimes have a problem with sample sales, since they're not usually inclusive of all body types, I *do* like the idea of being somewhat able to afford well-made digs from a rad designer at more reasonable prices. I use the word "reasonable" lightly.

For those of you wondering who and what DVF is, they're the initials of the legendary fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg, who's famous for the wrap dress that you and your mother probably wear or have worn (and that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will likely wear). She's also a former princess and a reference in the Dolly song “Working Girl”! What’s not to love?

I passed by the store on my way to get some coffee for the BUST office and there was a line, so get there fast and get yourself some cool digs designed by a legendary woman!

Image credit: Faboulista.com

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