Drug Dealers Caught Smuggling Cocaine in Manolo Blahniks

After two years worth of criminal activity, a Colombian gang of drug smugglers have finally been apprehended in Barcelona. Turns out, they were trafficking cocaine in...wait for it...fake Manolo Blahniks. How? What? Where? Well, they basically mixed the drug with liquid until it turned into paste, molded the substance into Manolo-esque shapes and painted the "shoes" in a variety of colors. Once the shoes got to their proper owners/dealers, the dealers would somehow turn the shoes back into cocaine and start a selling. The funny thing is that most real Monolos will set you back a cool $700 bucks, but these special drug shoes were worth about 100 times more than that. When the gang of six, including the married couple who ran the drug ring, were caught, they had about nine pounds of cocaine on them estimated at around $630,000. Yikes! That's a lot of Manolos..props for creativity. If was I were the officer who cracked this case, I'd probably be patting myself on the back right about now. 

[Refinery 29/IDCL Shoes/A Dozen Eggs]

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