Drop-Dead Gorgeous? Well, Not Really . . .
48217537.jpgSplattered blood and slashed throats sell a lot of prime time TV, right? But fashion? Apparently not.

After hearing complaints and, well, just plain confusion from the public, Barney's pulled their controversial window displays this Tuesday. The displays featured gown-clad mannequins with slashed throats splashing blood inside the vestibule and spattering it across the window pane in front of them.

BUST obviously doesn't condone violence towards women (be they living or fiberglass), and, thankfully, neither do New Yorkers; according to the New York Daily News , the majority of women interviewed were either appalled or baffled by the 'creative' license taken by the department store. Some commenters on the online article still seem to think the unnecessary and unsettling displays are evocative examples of fashion advertising. We're not sold. Thoughts?

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