Dr. Perry, I Presume?

Before you read this, I need you to do something. Go to Rick Perry’s Facebook page and read the comments on the top photo on his wall. Go on, it’s right here. I’ll wait.

Yes, that’s correct: in an inspiring and hilarious show of solidarity, women have taken to Republican Governor Rick Perry’s Facebook page to describe (in full detail) their menstrual cycles, use of birth control, and general vajayjay status reports. Because he’s obviously presented himself as an authority on the female body. I've selected a few of my favorites to share here, but there are tons more great ones at the source.

This flow of comments regarding women and their lady parts to “Dr. Perry” is in protest of Texas’s stripping of Medicaid funding to health-care clinics associated with abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood. Rick Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier denounced the Facebook protest as “inappropriate” and “[doing] nothing to advance the important discussion about issues surrounding the Women’s Health Program.”

I’d have to emphatically disagree with Ms. Frazier. Armed with ignorance and misinformation, people in positions of power such as Governor Perry are moving to control – and ultimately prohibit – bodily autonomy. I think the Facebook protest is an interesting way to shed light on just how clueless Perry is, and how ridiculous his attempts to regulate women’s health are. And, it’s just plain hilarious.

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