Dr. Marten Kicks It Into Hight Gear!

In celebration of the opening of their new Soho NY store, I got to check out the Spring line of Dr. Martens and I was super impressed! Everyone knows the classic DM shit-kickers, but I sometimes had a hard time working them into my wardrobe. For the last few years, they’ve been updating the line, by adding heels and color, but this latest crop is by far my favorite. From more refined, suede desert boots, to feminine wedges, to glam heeled sandals, there is really something for everyone. And the prices are fab, around 100 bucks for a pair that are well made and will last? Hey if it's good enough for Shiloh, its good enough for me. Check out the new store at 148 Spring Street, or check them online. http://www.drmartens.coDm.wedgeDM3

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