Donald Trump Being Kind of a Queen

Miss Congeniality was a fantastic movie, but I'm already thinking that the drama unfolding in the real world would make for a great screenplay. Picture it: an overbearing millionaire goes after a beauty queen scorned by the media for her supposedly close-minded views as she tries to smear the entire pageant itself. Drama! Blame!  Spray tans!

The Miss America pageant has gone ugly with the recent developments involving its co-owner Donald Trump and the former Miss Pennsylvania, who renounced her crown on the grounds that, in her opinion, the pageant is rigged.

Sheena Monnin is now under fire herself after pageant officials said she -- who failed to make the top 15 -- had actually given up her title because she opposed competing against transgender contestants, who were allowed into the pageant for the first time this year.

Drama! Controversy! Transgenders!

Then Trump went on Good Morning America and said that he was planning to sue Monnin for causing a scandal. He also went on to criticize her appearance, stating that if you looked at her you would know why she didn't make the top 15. Ouch. Classy as always, Donald.

The entire situation has caused quite a stir, but what's to come remains unknown. All I know is that when they option this one as a spec, you heard it from me first. 

(Image courtesy of NBC)

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