Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?


 Gabba Gabba Hey! Guess what? It's The Ramones Museum in Berlin's first Birthday!  A celebration is definitely in order, cause it's the only museum in the world dedicated to our favorite ripped-blue-jeans clad punk rockers.

Museum founder Flo Hayler collected Ramones memorabilia for over 18 years, spending his hard earned euros on everything from original copies of famous photographs to a pair of Johnny's Levis.  That is, until his girlfriend decided the stuff had to go and Hayler turned his collection into a Ramones shrine for fans to pore over.  This original space closed in 2007 because of rent issues (sound familiar, CBGB's followers?), and then reopened a year ago with an adjoining coffee shop, called Cafe Mania.  The space frequently has bands stop by for gigs, and now boasts around 500 Ramones-related relics.  Let's hope the new incarnation is Too Tough To Die, cause it sounds like the best museum ever.

Oh, and don't worry about Hayler, he soon changed his tune from I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend  to Bye Bye Baby and left that girlfriend who tried to make him ditch his Ramones gear.  You can wish the museum a Happy B-Day at www.ramonesmuseum.com.

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