Do one a day, it's good for you.

It's time for the 7th Annual Fun-A-Day show! If you haven't heard about it already the challenge was to pick a project (it could be baking cupcakes, knitting scarves for puppies or making cartwheels) and do it every day during the month of January*. Why did they chose January this year? Because it's a freezing-cold, long-ass month were people tend to prefer eating pizza and watching Jersey Shore then do anything mentally stimulating. Once the month was over you could submit your project to one of the several shows, showing right now, around America, like Philadelphia, San Diego and Portland. I got a chance to participate this year... I decided to take the less risky route and create an animal illustration a day, here is a little sneak peak. If you want to see more you can see all 31 of my designs in Philadelphia, PA at Studio 34 today and tomorrow (Feb 11-12). For more information on other shows you can check out the calendar on http://artclash.com/.

If you live in NC, NYC and the West Dean area there is still time for you to participate because your assigned month is February which shows in March. Or instead of submitting to one of the Fun-A-Day shows you can just pick your own month and do it for yourself. You could even create a blog around your project to help track your progress. The beauty of this project is it encourages you to get off the couch and start something new. If you could pick a project what would you do? Now go do it!

~ Erin Wengrovius :)

(* The NC, NYC and West Dean projects happen in February with shows in March)



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