Do Knit Disturb!



Over the last year I’ve become pretty obsessed with yarn bombing so the idea of a hotel room that is made completely out of wool sounds pretty amazing. Call it the “Do Knit Disturb” room (an adorable touch, I might add!) and I’m already packing my bags to get across the pond.

For this particular room at Brighton’s Hotel Pelirocco, local artist, Kate Jenkins and her two assistants spent a month knitting cushions, curtains, the bedspread, a vase of flowers, a lampshade, even a tube of toothpaste. Basically you name something in a hotel room and there’s a knitted version in this room made for one. Yep, the idea of spinster knitters wasn’t lost on the people over at Pelirocco.

The ladies used 111 lbs of yarn to achieve this look and for only £55 (around $87) you can buy yourself a cozy stay. While you’re there you can check out the kitschy hotel’s other themed rooms like the “Dollywould” or “Betty’s Boudoir,” inspired by everyone’s favorite pin-up Bettie Page.


Go here to see Kate Jenkins’ other creations for her own brand, Cardigan.


Photograph by Andy Nelson





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