Dinner at the Palin's House: Part II

In this second installment of imagined scenarios there is no actual food on the table. The Madame of the house has called an emergency meeting.

"He is doing WHAT? Running for my old job as mayor of Wasilla? On a reality TV show?" Sarah fumes. "How could you not know this? Did he not mention it while you were together?"

"Mom, gaah. D'uh. You know we weren't together together. That was just for the paycheck from People. I can't live on what I make at that medical center. The whole thing was your idea. I bet he got the idea from the fact that you're doing that Alaska show for Discovery."

The corners of Sarah's mouth turn up. She knows the People photo shoot wasn't her idea at all, but she's not about to set that record straight. Not now. There's work to be done. "Todd, get the Attorney General on the phone. We're going to put a stop to this before it gets started."

"But honey, what am I supposed to tell him?" Todd asks. "There isn't really any..."

"Oh shut up, Todd. I don't know why I even asked you to come to this meeting."


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