Diana World Tour comes to NYC!

Diana Vignettes

For all you photo-geeks out there, you'll be stoked to know that the Lomography Diana World Tour, after gracing such cities as Tokyo, Paris, and Madrid, has landed in New York City. This showcase is displaying more than 90 vintage Diana and Diana clone cameras in the Dietrich Collection, as well as an exhibition entitled "Diana Vignettes" in which photos and stories from current and future New York LomoAmigos is shown. What's a LomoAmigo you ask? Why, a friend of Lomography of course! These "friends" include such celebrities as our very own Feb/Mar '09 cover girl Amber Tamblyn, Duran Duran's keyboardist Nick Rhodes, and one of our proclaimed "men we love", Elijah Wood. Each of the 10 vignette participants used the same Diana F+ camera, and through photo and text created a collective memory of New York City. Awesome!

The exhibition is running now through November 26th, and includes upcoming workshops at the Lomography Gallery store. The workshops include an introduction to the ABC's of DianaF + Photography on November 12th, and for you pros, an advanced use workshop on November 19th. The Lomography Gallery Store NYC is located at: 41 W. 8th Street NY, NY 10011. More information can be found on www.lomography.com.

Photos courtesy of Lomography

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