Devo, the Descendents, Stars, Deerhoof, Dum Dum Girls in Toronto for NXNE

Generally, Toronto’s North by North by North East music festival is the worst time to be in the city. There’s a huge line-up for every bar in town, and each bar’s stage is filled with lack luster band’s featuring people you went to high school with (Sorry everyone in bands who I went to high school with! You know I really love all of you).  But something went terribly right for NXNE this year, as they wrangled a killer line-up: Devo, the Descendents, Stars Deerhoof, and Montreal 80's wonders Men Without Hats have all decided to grace Toronto’s dive bars and venues from June 13th to 19th. My pick for catch of the week? Braids. They went to my university, not my high school, and their songs are stunningly beautiful and meticulously crafted. Check out their first video below:

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Further artists below:





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