Despite “ruling the world,” Beyoncé thinks women “still have, you know, a ways to go.”

Beyoncé’s recent popular song, “Run the World (Girls)” has received a lot of praise as well as criticism for its so-called ‘faux-feminism.’ The song is fantastically danceable and fun, like everything she does, and sends an upbeat message basically saying that girls rock and ‘rule the world.’ Which, as we all know, is not exactly true as this video explains quite well.

 In a recent interview for Dazed and Confused magazine’s upcoming July issue, Stefano Pilato addressed this critique and asked Beyoncé, “Do you think a woman has the same opportunity for success as a man in today’s world?”

 Beyoncé’s response: “I think we do. I think the world is changing and it has changed. We still have, you know, a ways to go. But I think women are so different now and we have our standards and we don’t accept anything less than the same opportunities. I know I don’t. That’s what my whole message is in my career. I remember being in Japan after I wrote ‘Independent Woman’, and these young teenage girls were telling me that the song, to them, made it uncool not to have your own job, your own career, and your own mind. It’s inspiring to know that something can affect pop culture in that way, and the way women think. Sometimes there are certain things that we have to work harder for, that we have to work double the amount for. Sometimes we don’t get the credit. But we’re getting there.”


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