Designer Jeremy Scott Will Leave You Speechless, Except Not in a Good Way

On a scale of 1 to crazy, there are simply no words to describe the caliber of wackiness achieved by the Jeremy Scott for Adidas Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Runway fashion can be a hit or miss. Sometimes, the outfits can inspire you to cash in all your loose change you've accumulated from the past five years, sell all the contents of your entire closet to the nearest thrift store, and use the money for a complete wardrobe overhaul that's nothing short of fabulous. Other times, the outfit ensembles are, uh, iiiinteresting, to put it politely. Can you go out on a limb and guess which end of the spectrum this collection falls on, with its teddy bear encrusted trousers, butterfly-winged boots, and loudly patterned, marshmallow-esque puffer coats, unflattering to literally every kind of body figure?

According to the press release, “the new collection features flower and animal patterns, a new interpretation of the popular teddy bears and computer keyboard prints, all mixed with the remarkable brandings and designs of the 3-Stripes brand.” Am I really out of touch with fashion these days, or are teddy bear and keyboard prints just not all that popular? “Look at my new teddy-bear-printed pants, I can’t wait to wear them with my ever-expanding collection of keyboard-printed cardigans!” exclaimed nobody ever. Someone should rescue those poor teddy bears from that man's crotch and give them all a well-deserved hug.

View Jeremy Scott's entire Fall/Winter 2012 collection for Adidas at Adidas.com

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