Deluka are like the teenybopper sisters of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs-they can't possibly live up to their older sibling's cool but still desperately try to emulate their killer style.

This English foursome's five-song, self-titled EP is catchy at times but is more often monotonous, occasionally bordering on dated. "OMFG" is by far the best song on the album, an example of pop music at its most fun: dancey, noisy, and carried by a decent hook. Unfortunately, the rest of the tracks don't have enough of a distinct sound to differentiate them from one another. They merge together creating a sea of synth noise that sounds like it'd be right at home on the soundtrack for the '90s movie Foxfire. Despite this homogeny, Deluka shows potential, and the album is worth listening to for "OMFG" alone.

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