Delicious: Guactacular 2010

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: on Cinco de Mayo, 20 contenders, hoping to be named the best guac of the evening, will serve their mashed avocado creations to the attendees of Guactacular 2010 (presented by NachosNY.com) at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. From 7-8, free Tecate and Dos Equos will be served. BUST’s own Lisa Butterworth will be one of the official judges of the guac along with Jess Amason of BuzzFeed/This is Why You’re Fat and Kelly Reeves of Urlesque. (Though, truth be told, everyone else in our office feels themselves to be the most qualified to judge guacamole, and a discussion of various guac-credentials ensued after we found the announcement.) You can buy tickets on NachosNY’s website for $12, or pick them up for $15 at the door.



[The Skint]

[The Bell House]

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