Delectable Dessert of the Day: Olympic Torch-Themed Cupcakes

Having friends over to watch the Olympics? You could bake boring ol’ chocolate chip cookies or do the classic vanilla ice cream in a mug…or you could completely knock your friends’ socks off with these adorable homemade lemon cupcakes! Complete with a crispy ice cream cone torch, tangy lemon butter icing, and red and orange shards of caramelized sugar to resemble the flame, these cupcakes couldn’t be any more appropriate for an Olympic viewing get-together if they tried. 

If you’re not too busy drooling over these cutesy confections to test them out for yourself, check out the recipe by food blogger Vicky on her blog, “Stasty.” Or perhaps we should summon the almighty Pintester to test these babies out for us, first?

Image courtesy of blog.craftzine.com

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