Dance Mother

Dance Mother is an avant-garde/hip-hop hybrid.

Say what you will about Brooklyn’s latest electro-darlings Telepathe, but you’ve got to admire their restraint. While some bands influenced by hip-hop and ’90s pop might be tempted to write nothing but hook-driven hits destined for Hot 97, these ladies prefer to merely hint at their inspirations—and the result is positively hypnotic. Produced by TV on the Radio’s David Sitek, Dance Mother is an avant-garde/hip-hop hybrid and a big ol’ pile of conflicting elements that seamlessly melt together into one gorgeous—and infectious—drone. Tracks like “Devil’s Trident” and “In Your Line” pair the duo’s signature sing-song with fun, driving dance beats (think Out Hud remixed by Three 6 Mafia), eventually vaporizing into the ethereal harmonies of “Can’t Stand It” and the seductively menacing “Michael.” Though each song wafts with the familiarity of its influences, not one feels like a rehash, or a gimmick, making Dance Mother true avant-pop brilliance.

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