Cupcakes and Rejection: Check Out a Deleted Scene from GIRLS

Following up on job applications has to be the worst part of the job hunt. You stop in to a coffee shop to check on the application you dropped off two weeks before, only to get a ready-made answer from one of the other employees. It may sting when they tell you they’ve got your resume “on file”, but I’m sure you’ve never gotten an answer quite as honest as the one seen in this deleted scene from GIRLS.


In this scene, which you can check out below or on YouTube, Hannah gets the “on file” answer as well as some half-baked career advice from the employees at a “kind of culty” cupcake shop. At least they throw her a cupcake on the house to sweeten the rejection.


What do you think, BUST readers? Have you heard this kind of half-assed job rejection before? Got any good stories? Let us know in the comments!


Even more deleted and extended scenes from Season 1 of GIRLS are available on the Season 1 DVD/Blu-ray out now. It’s just something to hold us over until Season 2 premieres on Sunday, January 13th


Image via rickey.org. Video via YouTube. 

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