Crystal Castles plus Robert Smith equal Win

Crystal-Castles-III have to admit, way back in 2008 when I had my first dose of Crystal Castle's against my will at a dimly lit local watering hole I was more than a little skeptical. Abundant dance beats, standard new wave synths, androgynous haircuts, and generous amounts of distorted femme roaring all played their appropriate roles. All these things are of course mandatory ingredients to an ever so hip soundtrack to looking for romance in all the wrong places. I thought to myself, now here is a band that is not going to outlast the keg at which my beer is being tapped from. Just one  solid record, one "poof!", and they are gone.


I'm pretty sure I'm about to step down from my soap box to tell the world (and internets) that I am so glad I was wrong. Producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass have rehashed my high school goth phase with the addition of the prince of Gothdom himself, Robert Smith. Oh and did I mention that the song is a Platinum Blonde cover? This collaboration wreaks of melancholy fabulousness. I can't even begin to control the compulsive urge to draw my eye liner on even thicker than I normally do, douse my head in Aquanet and dance till my fishnets shred into strings.  The common interests between the chaotic lo-fi Canadian duo and Mr. Smith are so prominent, they practically slap you in the face with delight. Check out the song "Not In Love" for yourself right here . I think you will find that modern takes on 80's dance music will squirrel it's way back in to your little black heart. Get schooled on all things Crystal Castles right here at their own little corner of the internet.


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