Remember Bianca in Lars and the Real Girl? When I first found out you could order that lovely female companion with your choice of hair, eye, and silicone (skin) color, I was flabbergasted. What sane person would pay hundreds of dollars for this?! Go to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada if you have a difficult time with women and want the 'girlfriend experience.'

Well, a German company called First Androids wants you to get just a bit closer to actually being with a real lady...their sex doll breaths, has a pulse, can perform oral sex acts and has a g-spot that responds to orgasm!

I'm all for lonely and socially awkward men doing what they need to have as close to a female companion as they feel comfortable with, but this particular doll irks me. Something tells me there are a sector of men out there who have these dolls because they love doing whatever sexual acts they want without having a partner downright refuse or scream and yell in protest (you know, just want the lady bits without everything else). If you're a man and want a good time, get a fleshlight, buy porn, or even a RealDoll, not these creepy ones whose breath you can feel.

(p.s. this post has been edited some. I don't knock people's fantasies or whathaveyou, I just find the doll creepy)


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