Creepy-Cute Diner Photos From Boopsie Daisy

Imagine a 1950s diner on an acid trip and you’ll land at Boopsie Daisy, an Etsy shop by Canadian-based user Missy Munday. Though the shop sells art prints, the prints are truly more like pages torn out of an ongoing creepy-cute fairytale that could easily be turned into a Tim Burton film. All of the colors used are neon and supersaturated but still retain a very vintage glow. By juxtaposing doll heads with different delicious diner foods, there’s this active eeriness throughout all of the posters, which feels like an exposé of what really goes down in the diner after it closes shop. You feel transported into a wacky, kitschy world full of children with hamburgers and strawberries for heads, and mugs filled with hot chocolate and cupid dolls that were perhaps concocted by some cook-gone-mad-scientist. Still, it’s hard not to smile at Boopsie Daisy's creations...and think twice about what goes down at your local diner. Missy’s Etsy page for Boopsie Daisy can be found here

Images courtesy of Boopsie Daisy on Etsy

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