Crazy-Absurd Comedy?! I'm In!

If you're a fan of absurd comedies that have no general direction, sets that look as though they were created by kids with a fondness for construction paper, somewhat darling puppets that can be a bit kooky, and a host who is eerily similar to Charlyne Yi, I think you'll appreciate the IFC-mini Food Party.

Now, I haven't actually seen full episodes of this new comedy, which supposedly only run 10 or so minutes in length, but from what I've taken a gander at on the website, this looks like something I might start following.

If you're expecting a little step-by-step cooking show like those found on the Food Network, you ain't gonna find it here for Thu Tran (creator, host, producer, co-writer) creates goodies that are not quite edible...or real, for that matter.

I've tried my darn-est to post a video for some Green Screen Cookies Tran makes, but alas, the blog doesn't like it too much. To see this quirky vid, go here!

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News and video courtesy of IFC: Food Party

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