CRAFTACULAR Vendor Spotlight: New York Couture

New York Couture is a dazzling blend of punk rock cool and majorly glamorous fairy princess. Their skirts, tops, and dresses are all limited-edition and surefire conversation starters. Worn by the likes of Katy Perry and Agyness Deyn, these frocks are sure to add  some much needed whimsy to your life. 

I love when fashion has a cheeky sense of humor, and that's exactly what New York Couture does best (outside of super hot short-shorts).  I think my life can be viewed in two parts: before I knew about the cheeseburger skirt and after. I will not rest until I own this beauty. 

Check out New York Couture at the BUST Magazine Craftacular and Food Fair this Saturday, April 14 at 82 Mercer St. in Soho! For a full list of vendors, click here

Image source New York Couture

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