Craftacular Vendor Spotlight: Anthesis Organic Skincare

Winter is finally over, but after months of harsh winds, low temps, and limited sunlight, our face, body and hands could use some serious spring rejuvenation.  That’s where Anthesis Organic Skincare comes in.


Anthesis refers to the state when a flower is in full bloom and at its most beautiful. Anthesis Organic Skincare is a Brooklyn-based company, started by Anna Almiroudis, that creates handmade, organic products for face and body-- so you can see your skin at its most beautiful, too. The folks at Anthesis also want to create consumer awareness about the ingredients in the products we put on our skin-- they maintain that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to beauty. They offer yummy-smelling body scrubs (above), body butters (below), herbal skincare remedies, face wash, soy candles, and more. 


Anthesis Organic Skincare will be sharing a table with Kookla Makeup at the  BUST Craftacular and Food Fair on Saturday, April 14 at 82 Mercer Street in SoHo, New York. Come check them out and see how you can work your all-natural beauty!

Click here for a quick look at more of the participating vendors.

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