Craftacular Vendor Spotlight: Abby Berkson Ceramics

Potter Abby Berkson started her business, Abby Berkson Ceramics, out of her home studio in Easthampton, Mass back in 2010 and her pots and mugs are just plain adorable. She draws inspiration from children’s books and from her days teaching ceramics classes where all the kids wanted to do was make things with their favorite animals on them.


Wouldn’t drinking coffee first thing in the morning out of a mug with two little penguins (pictured above) just put a smile on your face? Seriously I'm a sucker for anything with penguins. 

Can't get enough of her cute creations? Then make sure to stop by the BUST Craftacular and Food Fair Spring 2012 on Saturday, April 14 at 82 Mercer Street down in Soho.

 Check out some of our other vendors here.  

Image Source Abby Berkson Ceramics


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