Craftacular Food Truck Spotlight: the Cinnamon Snail

My palate is about as sophisticated as an 8 year old's, so when food is labeled "healthy" I automatically distrust it. But the folks at Cinnamon Snail deliver fresh, healthy food that also happens to be super duper tasty! They focus on vegan asian fusion with a specialty in breakfast pastries and flavorful sandwiches. Now famous in midtown for their rabid fans and long line, Cinnamon Snail has made quite the name for themselves in the past 2 years since they opened. On top of the great food, the staff is super friendly and smiley. I love when it's clear that people at work love their job. It makes the food taste even better!


I had to wait to write about this until after lunch because the menu is so mouth-watering. Try a creme brûlée donut--between the gooey filling and crispy sugar on top, this little guy is perfection. The Cinnamon Snail will be outside the BUST Craftacular and Food Fair this Saturday, April 14 at 82 Mercer St. in Soho. 


For a full list of vendors, click here. 

Image source Cinnamon Snail

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